Gerba Shakisha / 250g


  • 250g whole bean specialty coffee
  • Region/Farm: Gerba Shakisha
  • Process: Natural
  • Variety: Heirloom
  • Aroma/Flavour: Blueberry; Mango; Peach; Jasmin
  • Altitude: 2250m
  • Grade: 88/100
  • Roast: 92±3 Agtron (light)

A fresh roast is essential for the coffee to be at its prime, so we only roast it after you place your order. We roast once a week, and the coffee is sent to you the day after that.

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About Gerba Shakisha

About Gerba Shakisha
Shonora Coffee was established 30 years ago by Shonora Gata, with a wet coffee processing station in Sakicha and a farm near the town of Gerba. In the past three years, Gata’s two sons Adugna and Morkata have taken over the station, overseeing various changes and improvements such as expanding the station and updating the machines. The station now processes coffee cherries from up to 150 local growers, on farms that range in size from 0.5-8ha and are located 2,200-2,300masl. The coffee is grown under shade trees in rich volcanic soil, using no chemical fertilizers. Some producers also grow other crops – for example enset (Ethiopian banana) and corn – amongst the coffee, but this is generally for their own consumption. All the coffee is hand harvested before being delivered to a collection centre or directly to the washing station. At the washing station, the cherries are laid out in thin layers and dried on raised beds for approximately 15-21 days, depending on the weather. During this time, the cherries are constantly turned to ensure even drying, and any under-ripe cherries are removed. The producers in this area have faced various challenges over recent years, with labour costs making the traditional way of harvesting more expensive, a lack of fixed price for the cherries making forward-planning difficult, and transportation issues. Shonora Coffee has tried to address these problems, investing in improved transport and road infrastructure, providing an interest-free advance payment of 200,000 Ethiopian Birr to the larger farms to help with harvest costs (which is deducted from the final payment), and paying 2 Birr per kg extra on top the market price. They have also provided financial experts to advise on how best to invest, and agronomy training and detailed soil analysis for individual farms, ensuring that the ideal coffee variety is planted according to the particular soil. Each year, a reward is given to those farmers who supply the best cherries to the station, in order to create an incentive and to strengthen the relationship with the producers. The lots are named after the producers. Shonora Coffee has also committed to building a local school, as there are at present only two schools in the area, which are a significant distance from some of the farms. In addition, they have established a scholarship scheme for two children – in collaboration with one of the top schools in southern Ethiopia – to cover school and living expenses for four years. They also have plans to build a health centre in 2022, something which is lacking at present.

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