A globetrotting specialty coffee maniac carefully sources the best coffee and skillfully roasts it to perfection.

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We cherry pick the best beans and roast them with unwavering dedication.

From around the world, here you can find coffee beans with unique quality and characteristics. Therefore, we challenge you to discover our online coffee shop and the different aromas, flavors and planting altitude of our specialty coffees. You can buy the best specialty coffees online with us and receive your order conveniently at home. In short, you will love it.

Manco Kapac / 250g
Ndunda PB
Todos Santos / 250g
Ngu Shwe Li / 250g
Finca Mateo / 250g
Miwu / 250g
Belen Quiquira / 250g
Nyagishiru / 250g
Finca Varias / 250g
El Cipres / 250g
Regalo de Dios / 250g
Audias Garcia / 250g
Kanya / 250g
Shantawene / 250g
Finca Oropendula / 250g
Hamasho / 250g
Santa Hedwirges / 250g
Sabelo Farmers / 250g
Grand Tour Edition / 200g
Las Perlitas / 250g
Cordillera de Fuego / 200g
Jairo Arcila / 200g


Receive at home packages of 250g specialty coffee beans with no worries about choosing. Different origins of coffee. Order now!

Burundi Munkaze
Period: 3, 6 or 12 months
From:  78.50
Period: 3, 6 or 12 months
From:  109.00
Period: 3, 6 or 12 months
From:  136.00



Senzu was born out of Diogo's desire to share his love for coffee with everyone. He is a coffee roaster and the founder of the brand.

Before Senzu, Diogo took all possible and imaginable courses on everything there is to know about coffee. Later, he started teaching roasting courses at university level and meanwhile he is also one of the founders and instructors of abcoffee, Porto’s first approved coffee school by Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

As Diogo already teaches what he knows about coffee to his university and abcoffee students, it would be legitimate to think that he would leave customers alone. However, we quickly realized that assuming this is a big mistake: he will continue to tell you the tiniest details that you no longer want to know about the coffee beans that are in front of you.



So, what are specialty coffees, what defines them?
Essentially, specialty coffee is a term for coffee of the highest quality, typically related to the entire supply chain, using coffee from a single source. In addition, the widely accepted definition of specialty coffees is a score of 80 points or more on the SCA 100-point coffee tasting scale.

Where can you buy specialty coffees?
You can buy in cafés/coffee shops that care about the quality of its coffees, or directly to specialty coffee roasters like us (in person or online).

Senzu coffee beans are chosen and imported from the best coffee producers in the world and are roasted by us after we receive your order. Here you will find some of the best roasted coffee beans in Porto and Portugal.


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You can come visit SENZU COFFEE ROASTERS in beautiful, sunny Porto, Portugal. We’re always glad to have clients come over and have a cup with us.

Address: Rua do Rosário 211 – 4050-524 Porto, Portugal

Email: senzucoffeeroasters@gmail.com


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